Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first time with 2 guys

Reproduced from the First Time Stories section of my story site.

I was kinda shy when I went off to college. I was inexperienced with sex and felt guilty about its pleasures. During the first semester I made some friends including two really cool guys. Jeff and Damien were my buddies.

We'd get together and drink some beers and watch t.v.sports and just hang out. One night during "March madness" we were all pretty buzzed and Damien said, "I'm so horny right now, I wish I could just play you!".

He was sort of kidding but it scared me. Then Jeff said, " Yeah we should both do her" and laughed. I thought, 'Why am I always so afraid of sex stuff' so timidly I said, " O.K."

These guys knew me well enough to figure I was just bluffing. I wasn't that kind of girl. But I was tired of being afraid to try stuff so I said, "No, really I want you to." They both asked if I was really sure and I finally said, " I want you both to play me!" Well that's all they needed. Jeff pulled my sweater off over my head and unhooked my bra while Damien undid my jeans and pulled my jeans and panties down past my hips and off. In a matter of seconds they had stripped me totally bare. My heart was pounding in my chest as they picked me up off the couch and carried me to Damien's bed.

After laying me on the bed they both stripped naked and climbed up. Jeff started playing with my breasts and sucking my nipples while Damien went down on me. I couldn't believe I was doing this letting two guys use my body for sex! I felt a little scared but gave myself over to it as Damien wiggled his tongue between my outer folds and sent shivers up my spine. Jeff put his length in my mouth and I sucked and toyed and drooled all over it while Damien entered my tight pink softness. After a few minutes they switched up, rolling me over on my hands and knees with Jeff playing my softness and Damien playing my mouth. Not long after I started to climax and didn't want it to ever stop. It was so liberating to give myself to these two guys I liked and to see how much they enjoyed me!

They rolled me over on my back again and Jeff was back in my mouth while Damien entered my wet warmth. Jeff started cumming and I just sucked the head taking every drop of his sweet salty cum in my mouth and letting it trickle down my throat. A few minutes later Damien was getting close and pulled out in time to climb up on my chest and explode all over my tongue until I sucked him dry. The best part was that I refused to feel guilty. Two great guys wanted me and I let them ride me bareback and cum in my mouth and they loved it! And I loved it! I became more confident and alot less afraid of following my desires after that night.Needless to say that led to more sex adventures but that's another stiry for another time.

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